Made in NZ

duncan, & prudence, t-shirt dress with saber tooth print

I pledged a while ago to only buy NZ made, thrift or make my own. So far I have done minimal thrifting, no making my own clothes, but definitely a pile of support in the form of my cash has been heading to NZ designers and crafty sorts. Though there is plenty more I’d love love love to buy!

This particular dress… photography courtesy of the Devil Child. Apologies for the brightness… it was that or a particularly stunning view of my arm pit as I attempted to self photograph – and I couldn’t use the timer as I dropped the camera when I was drunk and the battery flap thing is held on by tape and sometimes requires extra force to be applied or it dies a horrible death. Moral of the story: don’t drop camera on tiles when drunk. Anywayyyy… as I was saying, this particular dress is from the ever wonderful store in Newtown, duncan, & prudence,

Prudence writes a blog about their business and is so passionate and excited about everything that their awesome store produces that it’s hard not to be excited along with them. Even if you just read their blog. And then waltz in the store like you know them. And then remember you don’t. And get embarrassed. But Prudence doesn’t seem to mind. So it’s all good. I even recommend it!

Right. Now some other NZ made clothing that I would love to get my hot little hands on:

Bonnie is branching out and making some women’s clothing under the label ¡Project Project! and I love love love her dresses. In particular the cute little one that is currently in the window of Juniper. Hands off people – it’s mine!

Swonderful is stocking their awesome Papercup range as always and again with the dresses. I think I have a dress thing at the moment. But anyway, Swonderful is now just down the road from my work and threatens to draw me in each time I see it. But I stay away lest I just hand over my wallet and forgo rent and food for the week/month/year. But you can go visit them.

And Mindy has also been churning out some truly amazing skirts after getting her long awaited Amy Butler fabric in. So yeah, you have the choice to buy the fabric and make your own or if you are particularly time poor (I’m still in denial and think I’m gonna sew my own) you can buy something from Sew Cherry. The detail is in the buttons – they totally make the skirt.

Someone else I would gladly stuff in my wardrobe is a chick named Lorraine who makes clothing under the label Lorelei (sold at Juniper… I can’t leave the shop alone!). Fine and Dandy is the same talented chicko but she doesn’t seem to put a lot of womenswear on Felt so you’ll have to head to Newtown instead. I promise it won’t disappoint.

I’m sure there are piles more… I’ll keep you posted as I discover talented and awesome NZ made clothing. It has definitely been an awesome pledge to stick to and I’ve got some gorgeous stuff to show for it (and a to-buy list to last me into the next century!).

5 thoughts on “Made in NZ

  1. Ahhh shoes. Yeah, they are a bit of a problemo and are exempt from my MINZ pledge.But I do like to purchase from ethically minded companies. Dying for a pair of shoes from or no sweat sneakers from TradeAid. Dr Martens also make a statement on social responsibility and I love love LOVE their shoes.Haven’t really found anything that is in the dressy line… < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Ginny’s blog<> has some suggestions as often Vegan friendly shoes will also be worker-friendly. Don’t want to blindly make that assumption though!


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