I’m doing so much of it I’ve completely forgotten what I’m actually procrastinating from/about/for. What follows procrastinating? I don’t know. My brain isn’t working.

Anyway… here’s what I’m not doing that I should be doing… though they are all cyclical, one leads to another, so I’m getting little tiny bits done here and there:

  • Christmas ornament swap. Received 3 packages today and mannnnnnnnnnnn they are awesome. Developed a slight inferiority complex. Got home and made another decoration and decided that mine aren’t really that terrible. This feeling will probably last until I fish the decorations made by others out of my bag again. Rats.
  • Packing and cleaning. Moving this weekend. Eeeeeeeeeeeeek. Wish me luck. House is a pigsty. Boxes everywhere. Finding dust/dirt/mould/strange fungal and/or bacterial growths in places we didn’t know existed.
  • Knitting mittens for a work mate to give her boarder for Christmas. How in god’s name did I manage to end up with that on my to-do list? Was it not already packed to the brim? Man I’m an idiot.
  • Knitting ornaments to sell in Juniper. They seemed such an easy thing to knit. Quick and small. Turns out they are just as easy to avoid as all the rest of my knitting. And Christmas is nearly here. I’m not sure Christmas decorations are going to sell particularly well after the event. Perhaps I knit bunnies then they can double as Easter decorations. Genius.
  • Organising wedding. Too much to deal with right now.
  • Christmas plans. They involve the logistical details of housing the family for Christmas in Welly then somehow making it up to Rotorua, further up to Coromandel, back down to Welly, over Cook Strait to Picton, potentially to Nelson, down to Christchurch then back up to Welly in time to go back to work. *phew*

Must. go. do. some. thing.

9 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. oooohhhh my goodness – now I know where I get it from…. Good luck with the move my babe! Don’t take too much of the Rodrigo mould with you. Oh, if I get Mark a big fat blow up bed for Christmas do you think the back lawn and a tent would work for us?? xxx Maman


  2. Wow that’s a really intimidating to-do list. But at least you have a nice styley hair-do. Honest-to-goodness, the last post of you in your t-shirt made me think “wow that’s a great hair cut”.


  3. I’m such a fan of procrastination. Just not the last bit where you hit panic stations and have to give up sleep for 3 days or so.All the best with the move and all the knitting!


  4. Ooo I’ll be in Chch around Christmas (and Welly too) would you be keen to catch up for a coffee and a chance to meet Moe? In Chch 20-24 Dec, 30 Dec-3 Jan and Welly inbetween. Good luck with the move 🙂


  5. hey hun, if you need a hand with anything just drop me a text – i’m a lady of leisure now. oh yeah. and quite a good jack of all trades organis-y pack-y person. Plus i have the added advantage of being just round the corner. woop.


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