Life is roses

I spotted a rose bud poking out my neighbour’s fence this morning and when I got home tonight it had opened its fully gorgeous self out. My cell phone camera doesn’t quite capture how cool it looked against the bright white fence. The chances of my actual camera having battery life were slim to none so I had to make do with the phone.

Apart from roses, life is also conferences. Which is making me think that my industry isn’t particularly rosy. What the heck is anyone actually doing in international development?

Back to roses though… I spent Wednesday telling anyone and everyone that I came across that it was my birthday and subsequently basked in the glow of birthday wishes from them all. Fabulous. I highly rate making a big deal of birthdays. People don’t do it nearly enough.

Sorry, must go. Brain is fried from learning overload. Conferences are like that. Last day tomorrow and then we move over the weekend so I’m thinking the blog may be a little sparse until we get the internet back up and running. Bear with me people… I will be back.


7 thoughts on “Life is roses

  1. Well, happy birthday for last week! What an eventful week it was for you. Conferences… yes. A good one is well-worth its weight in gold. But how many bad ones do you have to endure to get to the gold? I wonder if it is like an induction process that everybody goes through and it isn’t until you’ve been to about 10-20 crap ones that you actually somehow, without even knowing it, get initiated into the gold elite club. After four years I’m still waiting. In the meantime, I have learnt the benefits of networking at conferences, having made numerous great contacts. I have also learnt how to pick them a bit better (not yet 100% safe process). But yes, I do wonder about the amount of time and effort we put into conferences.


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