Morning Mornington

Gratuitous photo of my new haircut. Webcams are hilarious.

We now officially live in Mornington. Thanks to a pile of Gaz’s mates. I don’t know how we would have done it if they weren’t there!

Flat warming this weekend. I’ll have to make the most of these next 5 days of the neighbours not hating us.

Oh crap. I just almost lost the cat. Moved some stuff around outside and completely forgot she was new to the house and being held prisoner for the next few days so she escaped out the door. Luckily she knows we feed her and she just started meowing outside the door. *phew* Gaz would have killed me.

Right. Off to deal with some boxes.


4 thoughts on “Morning Mornington

  1. Hey, we are almost neighbours – I live in Kingston a bit up the hill from M’town. And I want to send you a chrissy card, so send me your new address to And Harper is wearing the Little Lark t-shirt you gave him A LOT. It looks great with his (didn’t get it from me) Scandinavian colouring… k xx


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