How do ya blog about relationships?

You don’t, I suppose.

Ah well… I’ll just put this out there then: the new house only has 4 people in it.

The end.


25 thoughts on “Split

  1. It never feels like it, but somehow, we always come out the other side – ditto to surfergirl’s comment in other words. I’m so sorry you have sadness right now xoxo


  2. Thanks everyone. It isn’t really a sad thing… just a change. And a bit worrying for certain reasons but that side of things is complicated!So we’re all alright. And I appreciate the comments 🙂 You are all wonderfulxo


  3. I know what you mean about how to blog about it. My house went from 4 down to 3, two years ago and I still haven’t worked out how to mention it. I think the way you have is sensitive and perfect. All the best as you move on in life and craft!


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