Not a word. I know. Conferences with academics will do that to ya. Jargon-central.

Anywayyy… what I was going to say is that my social life has increased by about a gazillion times in the last week. Tomorrow I have our floor Christmas party (a whole pile of international development organisations hang out together in the meeting room drinking booze) and then we have our office Christmas bbq… and then the next day we have our flat warming. Which you are welcome to, by the way. Just email me for the details. And don’t feel shy about it – I wouldn’t!

Han and I have been Human Rights fiesta-ing and reproductive health and rights document launching and are generally social butterflies which is cutting into my geeky online life. How rude!… I know.

So yeah, I haven’t charged the camera batteries and the damn thing is driving me crazy by never having any battery life due to the lack of contact between the battery and the battery flap. Damn alcohol. So no pics as yet. Boring. Ah well.

Must go get some sleep so that I can survive all this Christmas partying business.


2 thoughts on “Sociality

  1. I know the feeling – we have a dinner tomorrow night with people from Al’s work, a BBQ the night after with different people from Al’s work (the beauty of his work is that he deals with several shifts of people in any one week, and apparently he’s a likeable fellow so he gets invited to all sorts in all directions at this time of year! Me? I’m antisocial and was too pregnant and uninterested or organise anything for my work ๐Ÿ™‚ Bless), then our first coffee group from antenatal classes on Sunday … Why does everything go mental at this time of year? I’m also feeling nauseous about having to venture into a mall around Christmas/New Year to buy maternity bras. Ye gads! My plan is to pretend to go into labour if I have to queue ๐Ÿ™‚


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