Devil Child does Human Rights

Errr… thanks for letting us borrow the hat again Kat. heh.

We went. We fiesta-ed. We celebrated the 60th anniversary of the signing of the International Declaration of Human Rights. Rock onnnn. It was an awesome event co-ordinated by an extremely hard working and motivated chick (and the rest of the Amnesty team of course!). So yeah, I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘rights’ lately. Especially after a talk today with this layyydeeee about food sovereignty and the right to feed/be fed. While it is depressing as hell to think about how many more people are starving in this recent food crisis, something that came out of the talk was that small scale farmers in “developing countries” (sheesh I hate terms like that. Maybe I should use ‘non-industrialised’ instead?) have fared OK because of their local trading schemes. The crisis is giving them even more reason to resist pressure to expand to exporting. And as Helen already pointed out, if there’s one good thing about this latest crisis, it’s forcing people to take a look at their practices and build communities locally. There are alternatives to neo-liberalism. Just gotta let people know and give it a chance.

Sorry. Excuse little altermondialisation rant. Back to family life… Devil Child has been dragged all over the show this week. After the human rights event, we went to the launch of a resource at my work. And she didn’t even complain. And then last night after being dragged to my Christmas party, she also didn’t complain. Man she’s so super cool.

And you’ll be pleased to know I FINALLY got the ornaments off for the Kiwi Handmade Christmas Ornament swap. Mere hours before the deadline. But that’s no surprise to anyone is it? I’m a total eedjit though as I forgot/was too lazy to take photos of the ornaments and only realised once I had them all wrapped and addressed and everything. Gah. But mannnnnnn I hope people like them. I received such clever ornamenty creations that it was really quite nerve wracking sending these off!

3 thoughts on “Devil Child does Human Rights

  1. go miss H! we've just got a book out of the library called “Angus rides the goods train” it's a *picture book* about greed & charity.. perfect for pre-xmas reading mwahaha!and you got something done Before the deadline?! go you!! 😀 maybe i'll manage that one day too..


  2. nice rant…I reckon newtown needs a vege swap scheme.. I’m sad to say parsley and tomatoes may be all I have in excess this season. I aint sharing my candy sweet 1 pea pod a day with no one! Bring back tangible exchanges though I say. I’m well over this silly play money and $$$ signs on screens that people are so hung up about.hope you and kiddo and the whanau have a rocking xmas!Take careVicsee I’m stalking your blog now 🙂


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