A post of things

Thing no. 1: box of yummy stuff
The sweetest chicko in the world sent me a box full of baked goodies for my birthday. She is a total domestic goddess. And if she wasn’t already married, I’d totally be trying to convince her to move back to Welly and be my wife. She rocks. And makes pretty babies. Though I imagine that’d be a tad on the difficult side if she were actually married to me… the pretty part AND the baby part… 😉

Thing no. 2: the lamp in my room
The new house is filled with little quirky things… as is the nature of old houses. My bedroom was formerly the ‘formal lounge’ and I think the lamp shade sort of fits with that role better than being jammed in my bedroom. The houses other “quirks” are a distinct lack of bench space in the kitchen and power points which you have to jump up to reach. Innnnnteresting.

Thing no. 3: hilarious heater
In the lounge we have a sweet heater complete with fake glowing embers. It never fails to crack me up. Especially as you can have the glowing embers going without actually switching on the heater. You know… for fake glowing ember ambience. Ha. The art deco mantel is actually quite gorgeous so I’d hate them to get rid of it completely.

Thing no. 4: doors to my room
As I mentioned above, my room was the formal lounge so I have a set of doors leading straight out on to the front lawn. Passersby and neighbours have a great view into my room. Excellent.

Thing no. 5: killer worms
Jute and I started digging our vegetable garden today. It seemed someone had used the lower grass area as a dumping ground as we found all sorts of crap that couldn’t have just been the result of a strong wind… like that lighter. AND we found giant worms. The one pictured wasn’t the largest around… just the most intact in the post-digging period. Worms survive being cut in two though right? And suuuuurely it bodes well for soil quality that the worms are extremely large? I just hope it isn’t a result of some scary worm-growing chemicals that got dumped along with the rest of the rubbish!

Thing no. 5: Christmas tree
We finally got a Christmas tree and decorated it. Hannah attempted but got bored pretty quickly so I didn’t even have to fight her for title of Surpreme Christmas Tree Decorating Queen – I wouldn’t have… I promise 😉

And quickly: house warming was fine and dandy. I gave up early and went to bed. Neighbours don’t hate us yet… so that’s good news.


3 thoughts on “A post of things

  1. Worms are a sign of excellent growing conditions – yay you! Just make sure you don’t touch them bare-handed or you make them infertile, so they can’t make more worms to make your growing conditions even awesomer. Cutting them in half probably has slightly tragic results also 😉


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