The dress

My sister is getting married in March. We’ve not got a lot of time to do wedding stuff… for some insane reason, people plan their weddings YEARS in advance. We don’t. Our genetic wiring will not allow for it. Last night we had a dress design session. We ‘deconstructed’ (read: ripped apart) my Mum’s wedding dress and attempted to incorporate elements into the new dress.

There was a lot of pinning and plenty of jamming sharp implements into poor Jute. I was in charge of wielding the quick-unpick. Jute’s friends Hannah and Aimie were the creative force behind the design. Kylie was the token drunk.

There may have also been some weird stuff and hilarity that ensued.

And finally we came up with a design that kicked the pants off the absolute garbage that graces bridal wear shops these days.

Now how to figure out how to sew a decent version. I can’t say that detail is our strong point.

6 thoughts on “The dress

  1. Looking good Jute. Let’s hope Gaz doesn’t come on here to sneak a peek. And Nik, the reason we have YEARS of planning is that each planning session requires a few wines. And cheese. And chocolate.


  2. You can do it! After all, procrastination IS your strong point and yet here you are, designing the dress in DECEMBER! That’s months before the wedding. Months and months. Ish. So you can definitely do whatever it was I was encouraging you that you could do before I forgot what it was ….. damn pregnancy brain. Shite.


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