Craziness sets in

I’ve been baking baking baking today. Christmas mince pies and shortly, some gingerbread biscuits. 5 sleeps to go before Christmas. Which I have put myself in charge of organising. Which could have been a big mistake seeing as I am working until lunchtime on Christmas Eve, haven’t got ANY presents organised, and have no idea how I’m going to find the time to make all things I have planned for Christmas lunch. I can’t wait though… man it’s gonna be awesome.
Entirely unrelated but general Devil Child induced hilarity. She amused herself this morning by putting on every single bra she could find. Future in the lingerie modelling industry? Sheesh I hope not.

Another unrelated but entirely exciting thing is this massive pile of nappies that I have accumulated for the new babe of a couple of people I know through work. They have been suffering through flats and pins (which is fine… and I totally admire those who make it work for them!) but they’ve been getting a bit frustrated at times with leaks (I think it’s a cover issue). So I assembled a pile of modern cloth naps which will hopefully make their lives SO MUCH EASIER. The gorgeous generous ladies of the Nappy Network either sold cheaply or donated much of this stuff and I am eternally grateful to them. Such a wealth of information and such lovely people. So thanks so much to Debbie, Esther, Lisa, Michaela, and Gabes for helping this awesome couple out. I’m sure they’ll be so so so pleased by the pile of cute coloured nappies! And also to Jenny for her lovely offer.

Right. Must get back to the madness.


9 thoughts on “Craziness sets in

  1. I love your gift! I’ve got several kinds of mcn’s (Mummy’s Touch/Real Nappies) and have some leak probs with both as Moe is quite skinny (in fact I got the Real Nappies as they come in diff sizes cf the MT’s which I could not get to fit M properly yet). Does anyone have any suggestions re improving fit? To get them to be tight enough around the leg I seem to have to do them up so tight round his tummy that he complains. Thanks 🙂


  2. Mel, there’s a special trick with mummy’s touch to fold down the top. A tad awkward but definitely better than leg leaks. I’ll give you a demo when we catch up 😀MT’s are notoriously bad on smaller babes (one size fits all is a bit of a misnomer… one size fits most is slightly more accurate!) but they are great one slightly larger kiddos.Does this page help? –, we’ll have a chat. I can talk about nappies for hours which is sad. hehe.And thanks Liz. You should have seen the rest of the pics. That was probably the most tame of them all!


  3. Thanks Nikki, I had tried the fold down method, but again they seemed so tight and bulky round the tummy and still gape at the thigh… not quite so bad with the ‘Real Nappies’ – I use the newborn fold with those and secure with a snappie under the overpants. Still a bit gapey but havent had major major leaks. After using huggies it is a bit of adjustment for both of us as he’s used to having a relatively dry botty. Will definitely be picking your brains! Where are you staying in Chch?


  4. hey lady,if you could give me your top recommendation for nappies i’d be super pleased. We’ll ned to invest in some smaller nappies for the next wee one, we have 13 medium fuzzibnz which we love to death but alas, it’ll be awhile before this sprout fits those. I think we’ll cheat and use disposables for the first month or two, but i’d like a nappy that he/she can wear from just a few months old up to it can wear the fuzzis, or something cheap enough (not $33!) that we can buy two sizes.Any tips?oh, and hannah is such a stunner, you just wait til she’s 15 and attempting to leave the house for a party wearing not much more than one of those bras. ooooh those times will be hee soon enough. Maybe Aesop will be lucky enough to be meeting her there : P


  5. Rhiannon the ‘Real Nappies’ or similar styles like Ecobots are good and cheaper. They have an overnappy and use inserts that are fancy folded up cloth nappies, and come in a range of sizes. Both have websites. Alternatively you could get diy kits from green beans and make some of your own in smaller sizes..?


  6. Genius advice Mel. Basically what I just took a giant long email to say. Not shy of waffle, I’m not.Congrats on the babe Rhiannon. So freaking exciting.Mel – staying in Marshlands. Arrive 5th of Jan and leave on the 11th. Hate to say it, but it may be a case of waiting until little Moe gets a bit more pudgy before he’ll fit the MTs well. Prefolds are awesome though. And they are great pocket stuffers when he finally does fit the MTs.


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