Mittens from the Southern Hemisphere

Knitted mittens in the Southern Hemisphere at Christmas? Well… sorta. They are heading to the Northern Hemisphere with my work mate’s boarder who is off to ballet school in Canada. *insanely jealous* Wish I still danced… wish I was decent enough to go to flash ballet school… wish I was going to Canada.

In other news, how have I lived without reading MeganWegan/Craft is the new black? (Thanks Tash*) I think I have stumbled upon her before but now she’s on my reader there’s no going back! Weeeeee. She’s fab. Although… I do question the placement of Karl Du Fresne alongside the Hand Mirror and the Ex-Expat and also under the title ‘Brainy’. But that’s just a personal gripe of mine after jerky mcjerkerson himself wrote the worst article I have ever read in my life (and which Terence helpfully picks apart). And for Terence‘s benefit, those happened to be the posts that got me hooked on your blog. πŸ˜€

In other other news, my teeth hurt. I don’t know why. But they do. Ouch. Brilliant time of year for it too. Might have to arrange some self administered dentistry.

Right, I’m now heading into uber-craziness of the Christmas kind so will be back when that subsides. Enjoy your holiday and I’ll catch ya on the flip side. Rad. Yeah.


4 thoughts on “Mittens from the Southern Hemisphere

  1. Wow, thanks! I’ve been reading you for ages, and am in awe at your knitting prowess! (Must add you to the links, I’ve been meaning to).And on Karl…well, I like to read opposing viewpoints. It’s good to know what the ‘other side’ thinks.


  2. Excellent. Reciprocal bloggy lurve. It’s how I’ve made my bestest crafty buds. But I’m a tad stalkerish… just so ya know. In a good way though. I hope.And fair enough on the opposing viewpoints thing. I also read DPF at times who I heartily disgree with on many a matter.


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