Beaching. I can’t keep the kid away. I’ve got sand through my bed… my handbag… my car… my cell phone… my shoes.

It seemed a really good idea at the time to dig Rob’s crutches into the sand.

Not such a great idea after we pulled them out in a hurry when a wave came and lost the rubber things off the bottom of them. There was a lot of digging to recover them.

We left our mark. Well… Hannah’s mark.
And then we went to de-sandify (futile.) and encountered a gang of 8-10 year old girls hassling people. While we were there they chased a young boy, were rude to his mother when she challenged them for harrassing him, and then they came after Hannah… walking close behind her while hurling insults. I was so incensed that they’d do it to someone so young while her mother and uncle were standing so close. When I realised what was happening I rushed over and had words but it didn’t feel like enough. I’m still fuming. They were so young and so rude! After I had told them that I didn’t want them speaking to my daughter like that, Hannah piped up loudly and said “I don’t like that. My mum says that’s mean.” I was so proud.
I hope my little girl makes it through her childhood being able to remain a child and not end up like those horrible little demons.
Oh… on a slightly more positive note, we had a fab time this morning with Mel of “I’m covered in bees!” and her gorgy little babe, Moe. The fabulous Beach Cafe out at Waimari Beach in Christchurch kept the kid entertained for hours and Mel and I caffeinated. Successful blind dates with fellow bloggy geeks rock my world.

One thought on “Beachy

  1. Does Queen Bees ring a bell? Grrr – I feel your pain, and I love that my daughter has more boy friends than girl friends 🙂Those stoppers can be picked up at the local pharmacy for about $5 or so 🙂


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