The kid in the bush clearing where my little sis is getting married.

How’s 2009 treating ya? I’m undecided.

I have made a few resolutions. Sorta. I’m not entirely committed to them as new year’s resolutions so if I fail then I don’t have to feel bad.

1. I’m really truly actually stopping biting my nails. 70% and climbing. They grow so fast in summer it’d be stupid not to. And I have to have pretty nails for Jute’s wedding. So does Jute. We are each other’s moral support. And source of nagging. It’s working well.
2. Blog less. Internet less. (Yes, internet did also just become a verb.) Bad news for people who actually give a flying crap about this blog… but I figure there are some awesome new ones out there that there’s more than enough for everyone. So email me if you want an update. You know that’s where I let all the juiciest goss fly anyway.
3. Spend less money. Again… for the 6,543th year in a row. Well, maybe not that many. I’m only 24. But it seems like I’ve been trying to save for that long. Now it’s a necessity. I have no money. Zilch. Zero. Nada. But my dentist is obviously rolling in it. Bastard.
4. Don’t post crappy photos on the blog. No more. I’d rather be photoless. Or it could fit in niceless with no.2 if I can’t blog unless I have a decent photo. Perrrfect. Unfortunately this may require a new camera. I’m right the freak over having to constantly cellotape up my current one in order to get it to work.
5. Read more.* Already underway. Yuss.

Right. And now I must go see to my car. The battery died while I was away and I had to call one of Gaz’s friends to come and rescue me as he is still in Christchurch.** He’s currently doing his manly stuff down the hill while I blog. Heh.

I also had a resolution not to do half arsed blog posts. But then I went and got tired while I was writing this so whaddaya know? Half arsed blog post. Awesome.

Cobwebs and mouldy business gracing the chapely thing my sister is getting married in. Shotgun not being on cleaning! (More photos on this subject to come)

*This can include activities that are not reading at all. Like downloading podcasts of Noam Chomsky lectures and listening to them.
**I’m not that bloody useless. I already tried roll starting it but the damn thing is properly dead. And that was no mean feat by myself… involving pushing the car from facing up the hill round to facing down… with the kid in… which made it quite a risk pushing it down the hill and having to jump in after such extertion. We survived though. Just.

11 thoughts on “Soooo…

  1. The world would be so much more boring without half assed blog posts. Thats my excuse for posting them so often anyway. Entertainment.I’ve got a camera going cheap, my old one still has heaps of life and is just sitting there looking pretty.


  2. I had to comment because your security word today is ‘banobly’. Not really that cool but it sounds cool in my head and therefore I thought it comment worthy.Also, I will join you and Jute in the non-nail biting 2009 challenge. I’m also giving up, again. Currently at about 60% but all nicely filed and painted with strengthener to deter breakage and biting.


  3. Hey, I want to see more pics from where your sister is going to get married, it looks amazing! xx Good luck for the New Years resolutions….hope you don’t stick to the ‘less blogging’ one, but good luck for the others!


  4. YESSSSS!!! ME TOOO !!I’m with all the others re. less blogging , gosh the world would be a lack-lustre place without one cooool, zany Nikki contributing her humour most days.Good luck with the nails if not, fake ones will suffice.Good Luck with the car -sounds like you always have nice people around to do a little rescuing from time to time !!


  5. Niiiikiiiii … I have a camera too – it’s avaiable for trade. 1x Fuji Finepix S3000 (you might need to buy a new card though) available for trade with something funky for the kid. We’d get feck all on TM for it and they charge too much – I’d have to put more money on my account than I’d get selling it.


  6. Funky would be my only prerequisite! Probably something along the clothes line for winter … pants? Oooooo …a Christmas stocking! That way it can take aaaalll year! 🙂


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