I’m dying of grumpiness

No idea of the cause but man alive was my tolerance level at an all time low today. Poor Devil Child barely had to open her mouth before I got my screech on. The high pitch started to hurt my ears after a while.

I had planned to blog about awesome bloggy types that I met over my blog holiday but I think this is as good as it’s gonna get. But they were both very lovely visits. One because I got to reminisce about university days and the other because I got to talk knit for hours on end and hang out with super cute kiddos. I definitely could have gone home with an extra or two had Gabes let me.

It seems my grumpiness is wearing off… must be all that talk about fun people. I’m going to head to bed before it comes back. The kid doesn’t need another day of grumpiest mum eeeeever. And we’ve got cleaning to do. (Still haven’t unpacked Hannah’s room… it’s only been a month and almost a half since we moved. heh.)


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