At risk of offending

All my friends. I really did do the blogger/internet geek tour of New Zealand. I totally forgot that Jamara (one of the Nappy Network girlies) housed, fed and entertained Han and I in Nelson. Goodness. I’m the worst friend EVER. We had an awesome time and did the Jester House where we fed eels (ohhhhh gooooosh. But I survived.) and berry picked til we passed out from heat exhaustion (and J’s little one had eaten as many berries as we picked. Hilarious). The little one in Nelson was another kidlet in danger of being carted back to Wellington with me as he was so much fun.

In Nelson I also caught up with two of my friends who I met in Otago. Jed and Lols are wickedly cool and I loved being able to hang out with them. Lolly is off round the world (well… back to Melbourne to await further travels) and Jed is heading to Gisborne to become a doctor so I envisage trips to see both of them in the near future.

Man friends are fun.

And rest assured, crafty talk will resume soon. I have a WIP update and 2009 plan to come!

P.S. Trying out a herbal deoderant. I’m not entirely sure I’m cut out for this Earth Mother business as mannnnnnn I reek. I’m off to the pharmacy downstairs to get me some aluminium infested deoderant goodness soon. I’ll experiment with this when I’m not at work and at risk of killing off my colleagues. Gah.


6 thoughts on “At risk of offending

  1. Go freestyle re the deodorant. I think that the application of anything there – herbal or not – is half the problem. I’ve been deodorant free for YEARS – and (gasp) I don’t shave there either. And – I’ve stopped stinking. God, now I sound like a freak…anyhow, let me know if you ever smell me and I might change my ways – but works for me now. And you KNOW J would complain if this was not the truth!


  2. Ahhh good old aluminium! Once, going through an earth mother phase myself, I had a brief flirtation with one of those deodorant stone/crystal things and it didn’t do the job either.I didn’t want to give up on it right away so I spent a couple of days walking around with my arms welded to my sides for fear of asphyxiating anyone unfortunate enough to be in my vicinity before I caved and went back to evil chemicals.


  3. Snap with the deoderant stone thingi too! Back using the ol’ spray (no white marks on my ubiquitous black t-shirts). I had a geez at the research and there isn’t much evidence that the old aluminium-based anti-perspirant (sp? nappy brain lol) really causes much in the way of problems (being as the big C tends to have complex multi-factorial causes). Though following esther’s example and going sans anything in the pit area does strike a blow against the commercialism of personal hygiene products lol!


  4. Yeah, for me it’s about commercialism (well… I was still buying a product but it was a smaller company) and also about the fact that stopping yourself sweating is working against your body’s natural processes. That’s my latest trip 😉Turns out I’m not terribly committed to it though as I’m right back to anti-perspirant. Would LOVE to do what you do Esther. And I’ve never noticed the smell at all! More power to ya.I think I’m just a smelly kid. I’ll continue on my quest though… soon.


  5. Hey we went to the Jester while we where in Nelson over Christmas… The kids had a great time feeding the eels. What a great spot for kids and adults too… Sounds like you certainly kept busy on your travels. X


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