Ohhh that’s right.

I’m female.

Totally forgot.

My bad mood yesterday all makes sense now. heh.

And I was so grumpy I forgot the other bloggy friend that I caught up with in Christchurch. AND cooked me the most fabulous dinner in the world. AND she has an awesome vege garden. (Sorry E!) Surfergirlie type rocks my world.

Wedding madness is kicking in. I’m on a mission to build Hannah a Flower Girl dress.


3 thoughts on “Ohhh that’s right.

  1. Thats hilarious and so true. I cant tell you how often I have had a really sodding grumpy day – so much so that Ive even made comment to anyone who will listen that I am really sodding grumpy. Two days later I go – duh that’s why. Really shouldnt be a surprise at my age!


  2. Thanks! (Actually J did the cooking – we were too busy boozing. And then he was too busy watching TWO games of cricket). But, anyhow, I got some awesome photos of Han…will post them soon afte ri have made them perfect. E xx


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