I just went for a run. (Oh yeah… by the way… stopped running about a month after I started last year. ha. Now that’s commitment.)

Seriously. Do people do that for fun?

I think I’m dying.

And I’m not usually overly dramatic.


Hey! Cool stuff! Sarah from Bobby Robin made a badge for me. It’s cool as heck but does signal to me that I should prooooobably update my header at some point. Yuhuh.

Here it is:
Oooo and look, here’s Sarah’s:

7 thoughts on “Torture

  1. Good shoes help. They make a world of difference. Work out what speed you like, and go at that. And don’t run very far.When I started running, I would literally only run 50m the first time. Then 100m, and so on, gradually building up. It let my body get used to it, and strengthen muscles that had been neglected.If you bite off more than you can chew, you’ll get indigestion and give up. It gets more enjoyable, and you feel wonderful having achieved your small goal for the day.Mind you, I’ve taken up swimming recently, and building 100m increments per week I’ve just got to 1km. So perhaps it’s just something that works for me.


  2. heh Ali. You crack me up. A guy did offer to carry me up the hill last night. Perhaps it’d be a good way to pick up guys? I think he was drunk though… so not the ideal candidate.


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