The one where Nikki gets drunk

And talks crap. Is that OK? Good.

So yeah… work drinks tonight. My regular relationship counseling sessions. Where I bitch about guys and they all nod and smile. It’s brilliant. Boys suck. *insert nod and smile here*

My work mates heard all my drama queen stories tonight. Like the one where Hannah becomes Hannah. And the one where I find Hannah’s potential father on facebook. And the one where I unexpectedly meet up with old best mate [embroiled in paternity business] at a wine festival. Even more of a drama queen than I was before. Ah well.

And afterward I made my way to the Botanical gardens to collect child and flatmates and make my way home. I got the kid at least. After I tore her away from chasing the lights. She was exhausted. My new routine is in jeopardy. I have a new routine by the way. It’s called “Operation Child-in-bed-before-Shortland-Street”. It was working well. Until tonight.

Oh yeah. So I couldn’t take brilliant pics… low light… alcohol… whatever. Already I’ve broken my new year’s resolution of being a fab blog photographer with my serious camera shake. Heh. Keeping up my nail resolution though… sort of. Almost at 90%. Also in danger of heading back down to 70%. Clear polish is called for.

Oh man. I need to go to sleep.

And after all that? Boys still suck.


3 thoughts on “The one where Nikki gets drunk

  1. Ha! Hahaha! Love it Nikki!Congrats on the nail efforts, me too! I actually managed to put coloured polish on them yesterday without it looking pathetic and ridiculous.Those ARE cool blog photos by the way. Very arty and obscure.Hope your head isn’t too sore this morning!


  2. I enjoyed your drunkeness Nikki! To be honest, my old flatmates were never drunk, so it’s really nice not being the drunk person in the house for once. Although I think Gaz will keep this feeling alive for me…


  3. Hiya my babe – go out drunken picture taking more often… love them, especially the last one, Hannah looks like an angel jumping on a star.


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