Chronicles of the retardo gardeners

Excitement. We are now total gardeners. Like pretty much everyone else in the history of ‘green is the new black’ but who cares. We have vegetables. That we neglected nurtured ourselves. There are tomato plants, capsicum, a squillion types of lettuce (or three… but who’s counting?), beans, peas (sorta), spinach, rhubarb, celery, and spring onions.

Let’s leave out the part of the story where I confess we killed our corn.

Or that my tomato plants were trapped for so long in pots during the move that they all sorta grafted into one giant tomato bush… well… actually they are all acting like total siblings and doing their darnedest to grow as far away from each other as possible. Except they are all entwined at the roots so their attempts are futile and they just end up looking a bit hunched over. Oops.

But that doesn’t reeeeeally matter because they all seem to be doing lots of flowery things, which I can only assume is good, and then these brilliant tomatoes pop up! Yay!

And look what else comes with being retardo gardeners – accidental potatoes! The former dumping pile from the people who last lived here (I think?) has become a potato patch. Awesome. We also have another one closer to the house which will be good to break up the soil so we can do something fun with it later.

I think we’re not doing too bad for total amateurs. Weeeeeee.


7 thoughts on “Chronicles of the retardo gardeners

  1. Ooooo looking good Nikki!Would love to see it when up in Auck but we are keeping very unfriendly to full time workers hours while up for the whole 2 days we are up.


  2. Good work! Don’t worry about the corn – it’s a b*tch to grow and then, unless you water to a horrific level, it’s blah tasting too. We did it once, never again. E xx


  3. Thou crackest me up. Your previous post deserves an oscar for ‘honestly most close to reality ‘ blog-post on earth. This one comes close. Corn, exposed and no longer… I like the ‘grafted’ angle, kinda like a knitting term too eh. Heh you’re too clever.X lies


  4. looks like an excellent effort to me! took me a couple of years of hard work to get a garden like that šŸ˜‰ unfortunately mine has gone from looking gloriously verdant to reflecting reality ie looking neglected! lol..


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