Feels like home

I was going to blog about my daughter’s atrocious dress sense but the photos are all the way on my camera which is all the way in my bedroom and I am feeling horrible due to a cold so am piking and presenting some old(ish) photos of the place my sister is getting married.

Above is the full view of the chapely thing. It was originally the entrance to St Lukes church in Rotorua. As far as I know, this is how the story goes… when St Lukes was renovated a trillion years ago, Barry Russell, who is an organist at the church at times, asked for/was given the entrance to the Church and it was placed on his farm on QEII bush in Kaharoa just outside of Rotorua.

It has been the venue of quite a few weddings, brownie camps and 7th form photo shoots with girls frollicking in petticoats. That may have been me.

After Jute’s wedding the structure is being shifted to a museum to ensure that it gets the love and attention it needs in the future.

The bush walk through to the clearing is what makes this place even more special. The view through the walkway is absolutely gorgeous with towering trees and second growth underneath. I wish I could show you all how beautiful it is!

Since I took these photos it has been cleaned and the bush thinned out. I guess the next pics will be the day of the wedding!


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