Found in our letter box this morning. Hrmmm… don’t recognise the writing. Well… it looks like Hannah’s godmother’s writing but I’m pretty sure she’s in Australia. Or at the very least, not in Wellington.

A photocopied review of Revolutionary Road from the Dominion Post on Friday.

With circled words. suburbia, friends, quite, astonishingly, prematurely, kids, story, leads, artistry, his, cream-puff, unstable, performance, five stars

I feel like an idiot but I can’t figure out who sent it… or what it means…

Anyone here wish to divulge any information? So few people have been to my new house!

Exciting though. A real live secret message.


10 thoughts on “Puzzling

  1. The circled cream-puff really puts a spanner in the works. Threw me, but lets hope its not a stalker, and just someone instigating a sort of treasure hunt!


  2. This is so odd. I can’t stop trying to figure it out…Do you think it’s girls writing on the front?Does this have anything to do with drunken ramblings at after work drinks? Have you tried putting all the letters together and seeing what words you get?


  3. I’ve been absent for a while and I return to this? How bizarre? What can it mean? I think, yes, its a girls writting. But that’s were my investigative talents end. How are you, by the way?Rach


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