Most awesomely awesome

… customer service in the whole entire world from Decibel Magazine.

Decibel is a metal magazine from the States and is quite hilarious. Their sense of humour is not what I am a fan of them for though as I’m not a heavy metal fan in the slightest. Welllll… I didn’t mind some of Tobin’s Norwegian folk metal, that was cool, but for the most part I don’t really get screaming.* I bought Tobin a subscription to Decibel for his birthday last year but now he has left I’m still getting them.

So I emailed the customer service dude Mark to let him know that we’ve moved and the remaining mags on the subscription can be mailed to our new address and not only did he reply personally and change the address, but he said the copy is already on its way to the old place so he’ll send out another copy to my new address. And he is quite hilarious. So yay for them!

May I just say that I’m seriously tempted to subscribe again just because they are so outrageously awesome at meeting their customer’s needs? And may I also advise that anyone who has a metal fan in their lives and is looking for a gift idea, that Decibel is the answer?

Right. ‘Tis all. Apologies for the random post but I believe in shouting from the rooftops when I come across awesome people/products/organisations/businesses.

*And yessss I know not all metal is screaming


3 thoughts on “Most awesomely awesome

  1. better then, than the service i got at wholly bagel (in the dirty ol’ hutt) today…um blah blah bagel on blah blah? yes, that’s me, thank you…clunk. She literally threw the plate on the table. and stormed off. good-o.But Word of Mouth had very chirpy service yesterday.. That was fun.


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