My Saturday has involved little bits of things. Like a little bit of wandering around the garden looking at flowers… checking vegetables… despairing at my dead parsley…

A bit of knitting for myself… for my sister… for Cuinn

A bit of baking… a bit of dishwashing… and bit of laundry.

The slowest day I’ve had this week. Thank freaking god.


5 thoughts on “Pieces

  1. My parsley is dead too. And it was doing so well. Gutted. I think it might have been hubby using my parsley pot as the fireworks letting off “bucket of sand” at new years that was the beginning of the end of that.Awww the cuinn link is soooo cute. How do you pronounce cuinn, now there’s a name i’ve never heard before… yay for unique names.


  2. Cuinn like Quinn… I think. I hope. As that’s how I’ve been saying it.The sucky thing is that I completely forgot the motif on the Nikau hoodie. So it’s just a hoodie. Gah.


  3. You’re safe – ’tis Quinn with a C 🙂 and he’s such a spoiled little ginger (and DEFINITELY living up to devilish child expectations – we do not like 7-8pm till about 11.30pm in our house. No siree!) and really, really appreciates it!! Also, we love hoodies and we’re not worried about Nikaus – happy snuggy babies are the order of the day!! 🙂


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