When the stars align

Fabulous things happen.

I was procrastinating at work today and googled an old friend who I hadn’t been in touch with since 2006. Last time I talked to him he was moving to Wanaka to save to go overseas. Google revealed that he had been in Morocco at some point during 2007/2008. And this particular friend doesn’t really DO the social networking thing so the usual facebook stalking was fruitless. So I got all nostalgic and sent him an email thinking maybe he’d reply at some point in the next couple of years.


Mere hours later I receive an email saying he’d arrived in Wellington yesterday and was here for the next few days.


The universe provides sometimes doesn’t it?


3 thoughts on “When the stars align

  1. Madness! I did the same with my favourite teacher from school (Art history), and hours later she added me on facebook and is in Bristol, so will get to see her in a month! Weird…Isn’t it strange how one suddenly realises how much they miss someone they haven’t seen in ages?


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