So I have a little arrangement of stuff above my bed. An idea I totally ripped from the Your House and Garden magazine – though damned if I can find the photo where I saw the bedroom. Ah well. And it’s still being added to… which I am sure will happen some day… like all my other projects waiting to be finished… but that isn’t the problem. This is: I seem to have developed a little colour theme of that pepperminty sort of colour. It’s fine… I like… the issue is that it goes with NOTHING ELSE I have in my room. And that’d be alright because it does go with my plain brown duvet (man I heart brown. It goes with everything!), it’s just that I also bought new curtains a little while ago which have this weird bamboo print on them and don’t in the slightest go with the pepperminty colour. Wahhhhh.

Why am I not a natural at this interior decorating business?

So… I might ditch the curtains.

And in other news: I’ve given up being in denial. My daughter has asthma. The very fact that she can hardly breathe means that I can no longer pretend it isn’t there. Rats. In positive health news, the eczema cleared up at Christmas when she was on holiday from creche and hasn’t returned with anywhere near as much inflammation as before Christmas. She has a few dry patches but other than that – clear skin! Yay! But boooo to the asthma and potential breathing issues. Booooooo.


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  1. Hi Nikki – all the best with the asthma. We deal with that too. It can be hard. With each child I hoped desperately they wouldn’t be asthmatic (knowing their genes were mightily against them) … but in the end (and extraordinariy early on with one of them) I had to accept it. Knowing the triggers helps. Buteyko breathing techniques have helped. Talking to my dad about how they coped with asthma in the old days before ventolin and steroids has helped. And – on the flipside – having a nebuliser at home so I know we probably won’t have to go to hospital in the middle of the night has helped!Like Nikki C – I’m going to start looking more into the GAPS diet too.All the best with it.


  2. Stink about the asthma!! Rob has it chronic and i have everything crossed that the boys dont inherit it! I love your “mural” too 🙂 i have sen thi done a couple fo times and its awsome seeign hwo differnt people interprit it


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