Oh please, omnipotent Blog God

Send someone to me who knows where the heck I could find some earrings EXACTLY the same as these ones featured here that I bought from the Knack market in Berhampore in 2007.

They are made from little stones from Red Rocks and I just recently lost one of them. My favourites!

I hope you understand how important this is to me. And if you don’t you will be relegated to the depths that my orthodontist currently wallows in as the PERSON WHO RUINED MY SISTER’S WEDDING. Because without these earrings, the wedding is off.*

The blog world is all powerful and I know you can find me someone who knows the person that made these.

Failing that… if you could just make the lost earring reappear without me having to tidy my room, that’d be rad. K thnx.

Right on Blog God. You rock.



*Man, isn’t everyone glad that I’m never getting married! Imagine the drama!


3 thoughts on “Oh please, omnipotent Blog God

  1. I know they’re not the same, but they are so cute, right? I searched for anything about pebble earrings from New Zealand, but I couldn’t find those earrings or that artist’s logo (I think that’s the logo in the picture). 😦 Stink.


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