More from Cuba St Carnival

Junior outdoorknit crew member

My contribution to the Global Guerilla Knit Up. Slightly cheating as our Cuba St project was also included as Knitsch’s project. But there’s two of us so I’m adding.

Crochet for Cuba Carnival
And the fantastic street art from one of the Auckland street artists and two awesome Wellington artists.


4 thoughts on “More from Cuba St Carnival

  1. great pics nikki. Good to see you got one of my back as I was sewing my contribution to the tree – I can now pretend this was a frequent occurrence and that’s how I got to be in the picture. Sweet.


  2. whoa yours was so much better than ours, pissing down rain and no peep show!and ps whoa, you commented on my blog about 3 seconds after i posted that. we must have blogger esp or something.I would LOVE to see a house you built. Mine could have to be made of cardboard, tape and lollies (like phoebe’s from friends)


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