What is this? 1950?

So, 2009 is the year of fun right? And at the moment fun = me going out and enjoying myself with awesome people. I’m really loving being social and am finally over my hang ups of being a mother and being young and missing out on my youth and modelling good behaviour to the kid and all that. Or at least trying to be. Perhaps there’s another post on that… I’ve been thinking about it for a while.

But it turns out there are still those with archaic views alive and well in this day and age. A while ago a friend asked me “when are feminists going to stop?” and you know what? I realised today that until people stop saying stupid crap like the guy said last night, that’s when feminists are going to stop. (Well… that and a whole bunch of other stuff of course!)

Last night I was having a fabulous time out with a few people from work and a friend of one of the guys had joined us. He’d been hanging out with us for a few hours and we had moved on to another pub to have some food. I think I must have made mention of my babysitter as I checked my phone to see if any dramas had ensued (Jute was on the job… I love living with my sister!). He looked confused at my comment and said “Aren’t you too young to have a kid?” If I had a freaking dollar for every time I am asked that question I would’ve been able to shout the whole of bloody JJ Murphy’s a round. Anywayyy… I came out with my standard reply which is “Yes. I am too young to have a kid.” Questions followed and my responses revealed the usual information: that she’s four, that there’s no Dad around, that I’m trying to regain my social life… blah blah. And apparently that was an opening for some pretty serious judgement: “Just make sure she isn’t neglected.”

Isn’t neglected? Excuse me? Because I’m having fun, my child is being neglected? Dude, she ain’t sitting in the car outside with a can of fanta and a packet of chips!

Man alive. I fear for any woman that potentially starts a family with him.

And as if that weren’t bad enough, he uttered the words that always invoke a sly smile when parents hear them: “I’m not a parent but I’ve been around children enough that I understand what it’s like.”

Uhhhhhh yeah.


16 thoughts on “What is this? 1950?

  1. ooooooo big mistake, him!! I can just imagine your response…. hehe You’re doing a fantastic job balancing both, and I’M really glad you’re getting out and having some fun!and whats with the licky-jute-when-she-gets-drunk??? At least I’m not the only one getting the puppydog treatment! (mind u being woken up like that is a little frightening)xx maman


  2. Dude, you do the bestest job as a mum. And still manage to get out and have a good time … from my perspective you seem have figured the balance out. Damn all those who judge!


  3. Gawd I wonder how idiots like that ever manage to breed. (Hope he never does, poor kids!) Aaron and I have stumbled across winners like that too, being relatively young parents. Once we got subjected to a couple of hours of parenting advice at a work dinner, from a mid thirties couple who decided they knew better than us with our two year old, than they did with their -3 month old :SPeople are annoying and need to shut up.


  4. “she ain’t sitting in the car outside with a can of fanta and a packet of chips!”That’s because she’s sitting in the car with a beer, right?As others have said, you’re a freaking amazing mother, you really are. Any child would be lucky to have someone like you, and your devil child certainly is!


  5. look, at least you remember there is a social life out there to be had. I’ve just had my dad staying for three weeks, and I only went out once, and that was on my birthday and I would’ve had to kill myself if I’d stayed home that night. I just forget it’s an option to go out sans enfant.I get comments the other way – “this should be easy for you because you were 3,000 years old when you had your kid”.


  6. Awesome. I’m glad he mentioned it because Han is probably the most neglected kid I know. Seriously. No love, no attention, no anything … no wonder she’s such a mouse.😉 Tee hee.I’ll confess that pre-Cuinn, I thought I had an IDEA what it might be like to be a parent … you know … a rough guideline of what to potentially expect and all that. YEEAAAHHHHH … not so much!I say go you for getting some of you back and ENJOY IT! You’ve earned it. You have done the most admirable job and I’m gaining new insight into how hard your last 4 years must have been, and the work you’ve done – you’re awesome to the moon and back my friend.


  7. i think you were quite restrained. it must have been really tempting to talk about how when hannah misbehaves you lock her in the closet, or say “you want to meet her? she just outside waiting til Mummy finishes, don’t worry, she know her way home now”dear god people are stupid. Smack him on the head next time.


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