Wedding wedding and more wedding

I don’t even know where to start. This is going to be one of those fab disjointed posts where I throw all sorts of crap in. Just how ya like it.

So first of all, I have sewn most of Hannah’s flower girl dress. It’s a disaster. But that’s alright because my sister doesn’t care. Thank goodness we are all about the superficial, people. The superficial. Quality sewing can kiss my ass. After the great pattern disaster of 2009, I scrapped it. Well… most of it. I scrapped the part where it gave me pattern pieces. I also scrapped 90% of the directions. The 10% I did keep? They gave me hell. Should have scrapped them too. I’ll know for next time.

All I have to do now is to somehow get the back to sit flat (ha! yeah right!), hem the three layers (THREE FRIGGING LAYERS!) and somehow figure out a way to attach buttons… because I sort of neglected the bit where you factor in dress closure. That’s a long story involving me sewing the damn thing up, trying it on the kid and realising it is about a gazillion times too big and then sorta guessing how much I should cut off without measuring her. (She refused to try on the dress. Gah.) Sooooo the dress fits. JUST. Lucky for my super human Devil Child sizing sensor. Would have been handy if my censor allowed a couple of centimetres for button holes. But no.

The most fabulous thing about the dress and totally redeeming of any sort of crap sewing is that the belty tie bandy thing is the most gorgeous custom printed satin. Jute and Gaz have this sort of tree thing going on… the tree started on the wedding invites and then they had the bright idea of getting ties printed. And then the left over fabric very conveniently made a fab band thingy for Han’s dress. It’s all pretty cool if you ask me.


And now for other stuff. My partner in crime left me tonight. For London. Waaaaahhhh. So now I have no one to play OutdoorKnit with. Well… at least in Wellington. She’s been putting so much effort and time into creating fabulous subversive crafty action that I feel at a total loss without her. Why is it you always get close to someone just before they move to the other side of the damn world? Unfair.

So now all I can think about is fun crafty action. I have to keep the Wellington contingent alive!

Anyway, have fun Tash. I know you’ll take the world by storm! Say hey to Banksy for me 😉

And everyone else… check out her latest exploits on flickr and at the blog. She’ll be the Knitsch part of the OutdoorKnit equation.

5 thoughts on “Wedding wedding and more wedding

  1. i would suggest that you make loops out of hat elastic, you attach them to the edge of the dress, and put bottons on one side, this should give some extra room that making buttonholes would take out of the dress… I hope this makes sense, the dress is very cute.


  2. I was about to suggest some looping action, but someone bet me too it. Alternatively little strips (made from fabric sewn together and turned in the other way to be all neat and pretty) with buttons sewn on each side. That probably makes little or no sense? I feel ya pain on the absence of your partner in crime, mine has permanently left welly to frolic in switzerland with her new husband. Wahhhhh I’d be super keen to be involved in some more crafty action, although I can only knit a crocked scarf.


  3. JESUS! I love the graffiti knit!!! I love love love love the tree trunks in it. WOW. You are so so amazing Niki. I am kicking myself I didn’t see it in person. just so cool. did I mention I can’t knit? I can’t so you are mt superhero.


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