For development nerds

The work post.

So yesterday we were all in a spin (actually we still are) over this piece in the Herald with delightful comments by our charming Foreign Minister on our overseas development assistance and all the happenings going on in the world of developmenty stuff.

I had very much hoped that at the very least The Standard or Frog Blog might make some noise about it but they didn’t. Suck.

Brilliant for us though, the editorial in the Herald today says the things we wanted to hear.

Take that Mister.


3 thoughts on “For development nerds

  1. And McCully is a stupid arse. He wants to cut development aid to countries in Asia and Latin America so he can bully the Pacific. Which will diminish NZ’s influence in the recipient countries, to less effect on human development.NZ’s aid to Indonesia, for example, isn’t particularly large but it is appreciated and recognised.


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