A little bit

A little bit of attitude in the flower girl. Don’t know where she gets it from!

The photos are trickling in… I’ll add them to flickr as I steal them from people. This particular shot is courtesy of my daddio and I love it! Shows exactly what Han is like and how comfortable she is with my sis and her husband. (HER HUSBAND! *faint*)

Jute looked amazing… dress courtesy of my Mum and Granny… and Gaz didn’t look half bad either. He ditched the fancy shoes as soon as he could and was back to his skate shoes. heh.

And now a bit of the day. It was so much fun, but exhausting. I honestly don’t know how Jute and Gaz did it. The wedding was in the morning, reception to follow for lunch, then talking to relatives for a while and a quick escape to the farm lodge, then back to start the party for the night. The last I saw was a very drunken Gaz on the dance floor. Noice. Photos have started popping up of Jute pole dancing on the marquee poles so must have been a good one!

The freaking scariest part for me was on the way when I had to drive the cortina through paddocks and gateways that a trillion people had previously been through after a night of rain. Can you say MUD? So so so worried that we’d get stuck and have to climb out and push the damn thing in our bridesmaid outfits. Eeeeek. But I made it. Just.

The ceremony was fabulous. Quick and simple and honest. I think I heard Gaz say he almost laughed in one of the slightly gushy bits. Oops. heh. A few girls cried… I held it together for the most part. The weird thing was that I am a total stoney heart usually. Death? No problem! But lately I’ve turned into a soppy idiot when it comes to things like this. Damn hormones.

Weather-wise, the rain held off through most of the ceremony despite a reeeeally horrible forecast that had been stressing us out for days. Someone had the bright idea of hiring umbrellas which was genius. And looked pretty cool in the pictures. And no wind! The previous night the marquee dude had to bring out a truck and park it next to the marquee to buffer it from the wind because it was so bad (and someone had picked a really exposed spot on top of a hill!). But it worked out amazingly well as we had a view over the whole of Rotorua.

*Insert amazing photo of view here* (Unfortunately you’ll just have to imagine until I scrounge up a few more pictures)

Gaz’s mum played a Schubert piece for the wedding… she is one hell of a talented pianist! And Belly Bean (Jute and Gaz’s friend) sang with Claire (Gaz’s sister) accompanying on the piano. Pretty damn cool.

I think I’m getting more boring as I go on. Photos are miiiiles better. I’ll probably be putting up photos for the next year or so. My apologies. It’s just quite exciting.

Even if I don’t believe in the institution of marriage.

It’s my little sister alright? 😉


And for exciting crafty news. I may have just purchased a new-old sewing machine. Weeeeeeee! Excitement. Watch this space.


6 thoughts on “A little bit

  1. The dress does look awesome, looking forward to seeing the pics! In our news, am selling our house (too small) – great timing as have just started back at varsity *cue rolling of eyes* 😉


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