Blogging at the moment is so weird. I’ve got so much stuff going on in my life but there’s so much of it I can’t ramble on about because of people who read this. There’s the work people. There’s the family. There’s the flatmates. There’s the ex-boyfriend. There’s the people who I know but who know I don’t know they read this. Then there’s the people who I don’t know who read this too!


I make it sound like I’m so popular.


But then again… my stat counter means I know at least some of those people are reading.


Mind you. It’s less since I started being the world’s crappiest blogger on account of the above. And the fact that the above means that I am more busy creating dramas with less time to do crafty stuff. And less people give a shit about my dramas, or lack of details of, and so don’t bother coming back.

Probably a good thing. Perhaps if I’m more boring then the co-workers, ex-boyfriend, family etc etc will get bored.

Except now that I’ve admitted that there’s exciting stuff going on then they probably won’t bugger off. And I don’t want them to either. Because I like being able to be an exhibitionist and ramble on about my life.

Ohhhhhh the quandary I am in.

So anyway. That’s part of the reason I want to spend a gazillion dollars on a flash camera. Then I can take pretty pictures and people won’t be bothered reading the bullshit underneath and I can wax lyrical about potential crushes and situations that might arise from certain social occasions with certain people that certain other readers might be acquainted with or attend, without being worried at all about the fact that now when I see these people who potentially might already be suspicious about behaviour might then be more suspicious and perhaps know how I feel despite the fact that verbal communication to potential crushes on potential crush might be nonexistent.

Quandary I tell ya.


7 thoughts on “Anonymity

  1. Oh, you are so funny 🙂Hope you and your girlie are doin okay!Keep a date free next month for some Easter fun!Will let u know more details later xx


  2. yes i totally know what you mean, so many times I have gone to have a 3B (big blog bitch) about my moronic flatmate (the one with the ginger kid) only to be rudely reminded that she reads my blog.


  3. If it’s any consolation, Jo told my cousin about my blog and she told my uncle. And he now forwards the juicy bits on to mum. Which caused no end of agonising over the ‘alternative nightclub’ post, as you might imagine…


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