The kid and I

We fit perfectly together.

So I’d been having a minor crisis about neglectfulness before jerkface even commented on the possibility and it’s perhaps why I reacted so strongly against his words. Monday at home was no exception. I’d had a long weekend and was seriously tired. Despite barely seeing the Devil Child the whole time, I just couldn’t play with her like I wanted so I spent most of the day doing my own stuff and subsequently felt really guilty.

I decided to apologise. So after her bedtime story, as she snuggled up, I gave her a big cuddle and said “Hey, I’m really sorry for not spending much time with you today.” She just looked at me and said “That’s alright Mum. I wanted to play by myself!”

So. Not neglect. Independence. I really need to remember that.


3 thoughts on “The kid and I

  1. awesome lol.. c’mon being a good parent is about being present when they need you, and not all in their face when they don’t want you! πŸ™‚ now i just have to work on the first part πŸ˜‰(oh yeah oops re jerkface, i spotted her in a lovely dress on Felt πŸ™‚ )


  2. not neglect, independence!love it, and so true. when I was 5 my mom had my little sister, and was very busy with the new baby. I remember spending a lot of time on my own, and doing many things for myself. and I never cared. I even liked it I think. and I was NOT neglected! It turned me into a very independent and resourceful child, I could easily do sleepovers, and as I got older, summer camps, then part time jobs, then university, and finally an overseas move. I am glad I was allowed to be independent!


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