Slooooow down

Well, I can’t slow down just yet. Things to do. People to see. Smelly socks to handle. Apparently.

I’ve just finished with our conferencey type worky stuff: talked sustainability to death, played anarchists, and tried to work out a way to bring the downfall of capitalism (Well… again. Apparently it wasn’t enough that it imploded on its own). ‘Twas a good week. Now I’m in Rotorua catching my breath before I drive back to Wellington tomorrow.

So yeah, next weekend I’m heading to Taupo for sock duty. Then the weekend after (providing that is Easter… I can’t keep up) I’m heading to Gisborne. I think I may be able to sleep some time in May.

Freak. May. It’s really not all that far away. Where the hell did the year go?


One thought on “Slooooow down

  1. Being support crew for trail walker last year changed my life. It was freaking fantastic, you’ll have a brilliant time. Don’t forget to snatch some time out for yourself, though, missy!


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