More of the blur

Have we noticed I’ve given up on my photo resolution? Heh. Here is another shite photo, but this time I have an ulterior motive. The blurriness is to disguise the fact that I sewed the singlet terribly. Did a crap job of hiding the fact that the top is see-through though. Ah well.


So I did a bit of sewing tonight. Tried out my new sewing machine for the first time and it is AMAZING to sew with compared to my old one. Ew. I never want to see it again. Who knows, it might just get me back in to sewing? My brain still can’t make decisions on what I’d like to sew first… and still can’t cope with projects that take longer than an hour… but we’ll see.

The other thing that became apparent to me in the course of sewing this top is that I have the rather nasty affliction of reverse-anorexia. Some call it vanity… I prefer the medical term [that I may or may not have invented]. Anyway, the telling sign of this particular affliction is that you see yourself a couple of sizes smaller than you really are. I should have been alerted to my predisposition to reverse-anorexia when I tried on jeans in a shop the other day and could barely get them up to my waist, let alone get the sides of the fly in any proximity where they would even think about closing! The same happened with this singlet. I cut it out thinking that I’d fit it perfectly. Yeahhhhh… no. Definitely destined to be an undergarment as it is a tad on the “fitting” side.

Right. Bed.

Oh yeah, I added a band at the bottom after I took this photo as I was unimpressed with the hem rolling up and up and up. The band does a good job of keeping it down and preventing my white belly being exposed to the world… and the cold getting in.


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