Kenobi does 100km

I am feeling the exhaustion of the weekend set in so this’ll be brief. I spent Saturday supporting these lovely lads at the Oxfam Trailwalker.

Damn upbeat for 5am. Doof (from another team), Kees, Chris, Will and Adam.

Up before dawn. Man it’s freaking freeeezing at that time of morning. Probably the reason people stay in bed. Good plan. I advise against getting up.

Checkpoint layout. Supportive sign in progress.

The boys enter checkpointSome knitting action going on before checkpoint arrival

Supporting via the whiteboard

Nikki breathes just as she takes finish line photo. Ace work.

Well deserved beer after finishing. Smiles misleading. Team about to drop dead.

After the 100km. We may have neglected to organise accommodation thinking that the boys would still be walking. Luckily Gem came to the rescue so we didn’t have to sleep on park benches! Adam did sleep on the couch though… don’t know how.

It was an amazing weekend and the boys did so damn well. I still can’t believe they made it the whole way under 20 hours! The fastest team was something just over 12 hours. Insanity. And because they were a team of three they didn’t get an official time. Gutttttted.

Right. Here‘s the team’s page. They have raised a bit more than that but are gumby enough to not be able to figure out how to make it show online! heh.


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