On why it sucks being a working mother

My daughter may DROWN because I work. And I’m not one to be dramatic. EVER.

I was coordinating with a friend (hi Kat!) to send Han along to swimming lessons with her little girl and everything was going swimmingly (heh) until I went to book a ‘competency test’ which was required before booking in to classes.

I laughed at the compentency test because unless it was testing ‘ability to splash’ then I’m pretty sure Han is thoroughly incompetent in the art of floatation. I was then advised that she would be best placed in the beginner class and that didn’t require a test of any sort (Yes! Han’s self-confidence can survive another day!). Unfortunately there were no weekend classes available for any pool even remotely close to Wellington City. There were places available in the early evening in Johnsonville if I was keen. Errrrr. That’ll be a NO.

So I asked how the heck you actually get your kid into these classes and the guy helpfully explained that I could book her in to the next week long school holiday programme which would ensure that I get preferential placing in the following term classes.


I work! Hence the insistence on a WEEKEND class. Gahhhh.

I then got a little grumpy on the phone and told him that rather than the school holiday programme I might try rewinding the clock and reconsider getting pregnant outside of marriage and instead find someone wealthy and supportive so I could stay at home and raise my child so I could then manage to get in to a frigging swim class.

He may have been a little overwhelmed at that point so I quickly got off the line.


P.S. And I stupidly told Han about the possibility of swim classes with her little mate before I realised the extreme difficulty that is enrolling in swim classes. Mistake. BIIIIIG mistake.


9 thoughts on “On why it sucks being a working mother

  1. I’ve realised the only opportunity my kids have to drown is AT their swimming lessons. Don’t freak too much – swimming doesn’t seem to be one of those age dependent skills;-)


  2. ooooh Ive had one of those rants before – I suppose I should be grateful that noone has suggested had I had my child so I could get the baby bonus, you know being a single mum n all – oooh Im getting all riled. Poor Han – I know that’ll be me in a couple of years.


  3. If it makes you feel any better it could be a whole lot worse. The Suit’s kid isn’t enrolled in swimming classes because her mother refuses to release the kiddo for swimming classes during ‘her’ time.


  4. Perhaps you could just splash about with Han til she gets some basic competence. I’ve never taught a kid to swim, but surely it can’t be <>that<> hard?Good luck to you though!


  5. It's hard I know, at one stage I got my kids a private lesson – it worked out only a little dearer as it was $18/1/2hr and there is 2 of them – but that was a few years ago. We've done some school holiday courses but I find them hard – we live 45mins out of town so it means 1.5hrs of travel 5 days in a row & 1 wk off work = expensive!The main thing at her age is confidence & she'll get that in the water with you – so just take her to the pool yourself each weekend – there's some cool resources from swim nz – check them out herehttp://www.swimmingnz.org.nz/education/active-movement-aquatics-for-early-childhoodGood to have rant sometimes though!


  6. When Sweeney came back from Chch, I got him into swimming lessons – from 12.30 to 1pm Mondays. I didn’t enrol him in the subsequent term because the Beginners was lame enough that even I, a non-swimmer scaredycat, am capable of reinforcing and practicing the stuff he learnt there, and it’s not like he’s heading for the Olympics just yet. So I’m with your Maman and Libby – throw Hannah into bodies of water and you’re pretty much there. Maybe sing Wheels on the Bus while you do it …


  7. You could look into classes offered at local school pools maybe? Hazel’s going to one of the big swim schools up here on Thursdays and I know it’s almost impossible to get kids into weekend classes; but another friend takes her boys to their local school on the weekend no problem, and they’re smaller classes to boot.


  8. Hey Nikki,

    Try calling some local schools with pools. I know that some of them offer swimming lessons, as my neice did them. They’re pretty good helping working mums.

    Another really goos option is private lessons, and they shouldnt be too hard to get hold of.

    I’ll give you a call tomorrow regarding coffee 🙂


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