So more pics of the wedding have appeared around the place. But it was this one that made me excited (that’ll be me on the far right):And reminded me how much I love to dance. I haven’t done any form of proper classes for the last five years despite meaning to every single day since then. heh. My body is getting more and more un-dancerlike and I want to be back there! So I’m looking for a contemporary dance class to join. I’m still thinking about ballet but I think I need something a tad less structured these days. If anyone has any bright ideas of classes in Wellington City then please let me know!

And just because I can… here’s a pic of all of us. Unceremoniously ripped from Jute’s facebook collection.

Oh yeah, and I’m heading off to Gisborne tomorrow night for a few days of fun with Doctor Jed. I’ll be back after Easter. Hope you all enjoy the holiday!


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