I don’t wanna

Back to the Real World. The Real World SUCKS.

Jed on the wharf at Tolaga Bay

So in a bit of escapism on my Tuesday morning following an absolutely awesome time in Gisborne with a pretty rocking bunch of people, here are the photos (mostly overexposed and I can’t be arsed editing. heh):

More wharfiness.

We watched people fish. Ate ice creams. Looked out to sea. Marvelled at the giant concrete wharf and its history.

Checking out the little fish

Jed and Han and lots of sunshine on the deck

Where many a brunch was enjoyed and afternoon naps were taken.

A beach at the doorstep to play in.

Han learned surfer-lingo: “Never drop in!” “Cut back!” “Floater!” and “Outta my way kook!” (The last was used on me during my futile attempts to surf while Han and Jed tormented me)

Checking the waves

Paparazzi-ed the surfer boys (and girl!) while they checked out local spots for decent waves.

While I love Wellington to bits (once more – with feeling!), sometimes I would just love to be out doing real work in a real place. Who knows… these next couple of months might see some changes in my general working environment. Good old forced change.

3 thoughts on “I don’t wanna

  1. Wow, that photo of Hannah is stunning! Was it taken on your camera? Sounds like you had fun. Are you up for a craft night this Fri?


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