Knitting for change

Unicef NZ is running a fab campaign this Mothers’ Day called Unite for Mothers, raising awareness about mother to child HIV transmission. To illustrate the point they are hoping to get 1,400 squares which represent the number of HIV transmissions EVERY DAY to children under the age of 15. These squares will be assembled in to 25 baby blankets and presented to motherish members of parliament on May 10th.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious in developing countries that women are the face of HIV. Especially those that are married off young (thanks Sharon!). So this is a feminist issue, a health issue, and rights issue and generally extremely important to places not very far from home.

So, if you can knit or crochet – get going! We need as many 20 x 20cm squares as you can churn out by May 1st. If you can’t then rope in anyone else that you can… or check out the Unite for Mothers website to see of other ways you can help.

Thanks lovelies!

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