Blogger’s worst nightmare

Holy crap. I just remembered my dream last night!

In it the organisation I work for had been criticised by a crazy New Zealandish right wing political blogger that rhymes with Shmevor Froudon and he had one of those ‘related posts’ widgety things that seems to bring up all sorts of random crap. But under that very anti-Nikki’s work post (we’re all a bunch of crazy lefties!) it had generated a link to my blog and in particular a post all about the insane paternity issues surrounding the Devil Child. Except I’m not sure I have written a post with all the gory details… feck… I hope not!

Anyway, I was in BIG TROUBLE because the post got wide coverage and I was all exposed and stuff. Not a great feeling.

Maybe it’s a lesson that I should be a smidgeon more anonymous. Hrmmmmmm.


2 thoughts on “Blogger’s worst nightmare

  1. ew yeah, that was a pretty sucky dream! but you haven’t mentioned names/organisations of your work, and nah, you have never divulged all the gory details of paternity poop, so I reckon you’re ok.
    Other than that crazy cellphone stalker – eep!


  2. Hmmm….well, you know my real life experience. I WISH it was all a dream. But it spelt the end of my blogging career anyhow.
    So, my opinion, I think the fact you’re so out is a bonus. I was too ‘in the closet’.
    And in regards to the work thing, I’m pretty sure you’ve never actually said who you work for, so you could be safe.
    Your call.
    But, only commit to the web that which you’d say in Cuba Mall…after a few drinks. (so you should be sweet!)


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