Nikki conquers lace.

So I knitted this a while back for Jute’s wedding but have just tracked down a photo of it as I was too lazy to take one myself.

And yeahhhhhhhhhh I conquered lace. I am one of the most impatient people I know and knit in the round and chunky yarn for instant gratification. Lace is very much NOT instant gratification. Luckily (?) alongside this impatience, I am also one of the most stubborn people I know. So the moment I started this, I was going to freaking finish it. Even if it meant having to count the stitches 957 times and rip back rows where I had fecked it up. *note to self: knitting lace at midnight is not a good idea* I finished it the day before the wedding after avoiding it for some weeks. Did I also mention that I am a fab procrastinator?

So while I am not going to start knitting shawls or lace panelled cardigans, I feel like I’ve made progress in this knitting business. Progress enough that I think I’ve got a few orders for garters when all the bridesmaids get engaged!

P.S. Seem to have lost knitting mojo since then but am working on it. In fact, have big plans to do with career moves and knitting and youthy business. Just gotta find some poor unsuspecting teens to stalk. Not in a bad way… ermmmm. Eeek. Shoosh now.


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