13 thoughts on “Ah feck.

  1. You pack your bag, take up the offer of a free bed at mine, take the kid and come home and have wine and cheese with the grown ups.
    And win “Best Mummy” prize for the year – and remind her of the sacrfices you make. Daily. For the rest of her life.


  2. I think you should go. it would be so exciting for you both. what a shame I have boys and can not experience the joy of the disney princesses. mwahahaha


  3. You could take her ice-skating instead. She’ll have more fun and you’ll save a few dollars.

    I’m not sure if it’d work as a distraction, but it might be worth trying.


  4. yep, you let her grandma take her 🙂 already knew that she would want to go and thought that it would be the last thing on earth that you would choose… hehehe xxx maman


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