On baking for anarchists and brainwashing my child

Man, this weekend was some extreme baking. I think I’ve got the hang of this vegan baking thing after two cakes and a large batch of biscuits in two days. I was on a mission to learn how to bake veganish and also win over the anarchist crowd at the conference I attended over the weekend.

Peanut butter chocolate chip biscuits from here. Mmmmmmm peanut butter and chocolatey goodness.

Autumn apple cake from here

The most exciting thing I have gotten out of this whole conference (sorry Sam… a whole lot of anarchist theory is also implanted in my brain, I promise!) is that there are a whole bunch of young people who are quite keen on kids. I was overly impressed at the proclamations of “I can’t wait to have kids!” and also how child friendly the conference was. The first day we roped my sister in as a paid kidsitter (and man, being subjected to that much tiggy/tag, she earned it!), supplemented by parental volunteery types in the afternoon. The second day all the volunteers were young childless men. Weeeeee. I totally have a soft spot for guys that volunteer to look after kids. They rock. In fact, the whole welcoming vibe and general community mindedness of the whole lot of the anarchist crowd just really enthuses me!

And in other anarchisty news, I discovered my sister’s mother-in-law has secretly been trying to turn Hannah into a junior anarchist anyway. I was talking to people last night in the post-conference celebrations (and Mexican food fest… mmmmm…) about children’s books, for some strange reason, and it dawned on me that Farmer Duck is an anarchist text (hrmmm although the duck seems to still be in charge at the end?). This book just happened to be bought for Hannah by Gaz’s mum. Clearly she is encouraging Han to join the revolution! Somehow I don’t know if Gaz’s dad would be entirely impressed given his propensity toward the far right of the political spectrum.

So all in all, a fabulous weekend of community building, organising, inspiration, education, and eating awesome Vegan food.

7 thoughts on “On baking for anarchists and brainwashing my child

  1. Go you! That baking looks fabulous!
    *wonders if Farmer Duck is the root cause of own anarchist leanings then wanders off to re-read and potentially brainwash own children*


  2. The duck isn’t in charge – just coordinating. There’s nothing un-anarchist about putting yourself, voluntarily and happily, under the direction of somebody appropriately skilled on a temporary basis. The problems is when the authority of a minority, or a majority for that matter, becomes institutionalised and permanent.




  3. A dear friend gave my son Farmer Duck for his first birthday, warning me that it had socialist tendencies, and both my partner and I thought it was like the first bit of Animal Farm, before things went bad. I have since given it to a friend’s daughter with nefarious intentions to turn her leftward 😉


  4. Ducks, of course, bring out the anarchist in us all. Even the cops role seems tolerable in McCloskey’s “Make Way for Ducklings”.


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