Fall from grace. Or something.

I fell off the anti-consumer wagon this week. Rats.

But I bought some neat shit! Does that make it better?

First I spent a whole pile of money on a camera. Then I went a bit nuts buying Aunty Cookie stuff and then…
Today I met up with Emma and picked up my brand new Black Bird. Cool huh? I was going to write something ridiculously profound on there to share with you all but I had a mind blank. The same thing happens when I want to say something intelligent. NO idea why!? heh. Emma’s got some pretty awesome stuff going on in her felt store and on her Emma Makes site generally.

While I was hurrying myself back to work *ahem* I spotted these shoes and had to have them. Round toed and flat. My fave. Now why won’t anyone make a bloody boot version?! I’ve been looking everywhere for a leatherish dainty version of a gumboot and so far no one has pulled through for me.

Mind you, can’t damn well afford them now as I have spent all my money and then some. Oops. Eating is overrated though right?

And in other news: this weekend calls for a knitting marathon. I have a gazillion things I want to get out of the way while I actually have a weekend where I am not gallivanting around the country. Wooooo.


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