I was just cleaning my room and I stumbled across some old photos I had that my friend Gemma had taken at high school – 2001 for bursary photography. I still absolutely love them.

The scans came out pretty crap but at least they are halfway preserved on here before I lose them again in my piles of old photos.

The perks of the job as far as being Gem’s model was that I got all her dud prints. Ones that she experimented with different techniques etc. The above print was one of the experimental versions.

I also came across an old photo of a friend and I at his 7th form ball. I’d roped him in to taking me even though I was one of the junior kids. And by roped, I mean I totally blackmailed him into it. heh. I’d been looking for the photo for ages as he passed away a while ago and somewhere along the way the photo had been removed from its hideous frame and tidied away. I’m so damn glad I found it… along with the piece of paper that I had written some memories of times we shared. Most of the memories had faded and some I had outright forgotten. Now they are back again along with the photo.

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