Doing my bit

I’m cheating a little as the deadline was today for the squares for the baby blanket for the ‘Unite for Mothers‘ campaign which is raising awareness of HIV and in particular, mother to child transmission. But as I’m seaming up some of the squares I decided it wouldn’t matter if I was a smidgeon late.

I taught myself how to crochet afghan squares last night with the aid of the ever fabulous Golden Hands Vol. 1. Man, that series is like the crafting bible! I only have the first one and so can only imagine that the awesomeness continues. I’m usually crap at learning how to do stitchy stuff from images/words (preferred the video or being shown option) but for some reason Golden Hands totally talks to me in a language I understand.

And so yeah, we are spending the next week making these squares into a gazillion baby blankets which will be pinned together to present at parliament in a giant blanket of 1,400 squares representing HIV transmissions to children per day. If you are in Wellington and want to help out then we are having a stitching session next week:

Blanket stitching session
Tuesday May 5th
From 6pm
Southern Cross bar

Or I’ll see you down at parliament on Mothers’ Day at 3pm to hand the blanket over to a representation of MP mamas.

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