Noah and Bells

And gratuitous shots of the Devil Child for your viewing pleasure…

A while back I received an email that made me really truly excited… but also a smidgeon overwhelmed with gratitude and also confounded by choices!… telling me that someone had gifted a voucher to me to purchase something from the gorgeous range at Noah & Bells.

After much deliberation, I finally chose this cute little top. It is really well made (thanks to the family from India that does the manufacturing side of things!) and seriously gorgeous and grown up. I have had it for quite a while but have been unable to get a decent shot until I subjected Hannah to this photo shoot. She wasn’t too impressed and would only pull stupid faces or run away from me. The one above is a shot taken while she was killing herself laughing at how funny her faces were. The one above that is her sprinting past me… again thinking she was hilarious.

I love the whole range at Noah & Bells. There seems to be a whole lot of gorgeous NZ based (though this isn’t NZ made 😦 ) stuff out there for the 0-2 age range but then it gets a bit thin on the ground after that! Noah & Bells caters right up to 12 yearsish which is faaabulous.

And I had to include this shot because of the kiddo’s freckles being on display (increasing my the day!) and because she had just had the world’s biggest melt down over my refusal to provide practical assistance in the toileting department (seriously kid, you are FOUR! Wipe your own butt!) and was maintaining vehemently that she wasn’t tired. I took this photo, turned around to change a setting, turned back a few seconds later and she was out to it. heh.

Anyway, thank you thank you thank you to my Koha Fairy. Most definitely someone from The Nappy Network as there is such a wonderful generous vibe on there… but I still don’t know who!


4 thoughts on “Noah and Bells

  1. I love those random acts of kindness. I went for a coffee the other day at Meow and they said it was free because one of the customers ahead of me had left $20 “on the bar” so to speak to shout coffees for the next few customers. Sure made me smile.
    BTW – freckles rock!


  2. Oh that’s a really cool idea – leaving a bar tab.
    I gave someone a two for one voucher the other day at the movies that I didn’t need. I love RAOK – it wasn’t me this time, but Hannah looks super cute in that top! We need to get the kids together soon!


  3. Lucky you!
    Good choosing too, love that shirt on Hannah!
    She’s looking so grown up now, really beautiful. Thanks for the piccies!


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