Solidarity with Zeal320 workers

Information on the industrial action surrounding the Zeal320 workers can be found on Zealgirl’s blog, which I totally suggest you read to learn more about how the Zeal workers are treated in comparison to their AirNZ colleagues.

The guest post on the Standard about the AirNZ ‘brand cult’ is also a very interesting read and totally freaks me out.

But here are the basics:
Today Zeal320 staff picketed in Wellington (there are other pickets going on in Christchurch and Auckland as well) in response to the breakdown of 7 (8?) month long negotiations over whether Zeal320 workers should be treated the same as AirNZ workers and paid equally given that there is no apparent difference in the jobs they do (their employment under Zeal is the result of AirNZ setting up FreedomAir and subsequently reabsorbing it). As it stands they receive thousands of dollars less per year.

I don’t think it is accetable for workers to be treated this way. At all.

You can read more about the action here and here.


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