Jute has $36 left to pay on her ‘Debt Eradication Scheme’.

I have $700.

She got her damn holiday pay paid out.

I hate her.

So I have to somehow magic up $700 by the end of today or you’ll not be seeing me on here for a month.

Hrmmm… maybe I should set up mobile blogging now in preparation for losing this race?

Edited to add: I may have just done it! I did get paid today… which made up a decent chunk of the $700 and then I’ve shifted some funds around from my Cayman Islands account. Yussssssss!


One thought on “Faaaaaaaaark

  1. weasel!…. but then you both are!!! fancy Jutie pulling that one on you. Couldn’t you apply for a holiday pay payout?? neway you guys have done very well! glad I’m not in farnham st. would’ve lost big time. xxxx Maman


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